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Zerona Oakville Grand Opening

According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) 67% of the North American population is obese or over weight. This figure is projected to rise to nearly 87% by 2013. Although we have become very familiar with diet and exercise, we have yet to realize the limitations that tag along. For many of us staying motivated is extremely difficult when we are not seeing results. Diet and exercise require long term commitments and are limited in terms of specificity. What does all this mean? This means that no diet or exercise can specify the pocket of fat that you want to target FIRST. You may lose weight around your neck or arms before you start losing around the waist. In fact over exercising a targeted area will build the muscle below the fat, and can potentially cause the area to protrude further. Diet and exercise can be very long, demanding, and demotivating.

Zerona provides instant gratification within a meaningful time frame, and targets the areas YOU want! Zerona is particularly important to patients who have injuries and cannot perform variation of exercise. Patients carrying visceral or fibrous fat are also great candidates for Zerona.

Join us for our grand opening during the month of February! The first 25 to present the coupon will receive a complimentary assessment. Let us celebrate the New Year with a new you!

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