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Our team of experts will design treatment programs tailored to a patient’s needs, and map out a plan to get them there. This plan starts with the consultation to help us determine if you are a suitable candidate for Zerona. The second step is undergoing a complimentary assessment that will analyse medical history, behavioral and lifestyle habits, and will aid in setting achievable fat loss goals.


Located within a boutique health & wellness studio, Zerona Oakville patients are provided with a unique opportunity to use the neighbouring facility through the duration of their treatments. We encourage all our patients to enjoy and take advantage of the facility during their enrollment in our programs.


Our center also offers different nutrition programs to accompany all Zerona packages. This is especially important for patients who are looking to increase results. All patients enrolled in our nutrition programs will receive weekly consultations with a specialist.

Our objective at Zerona Oakville is to help you look and feel your best. We invite you to visit our center or make an appointment with our team of experts. Your life changing experience awaits. 

Zerona Oakville


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