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  • Zerona Oakville, Oakville ON
  • Zerona Oakville, Oakville ON
  • Zerona Oakville, Oakville ON
  • Zerona Oakville, Oakville ON
  • Zerona Oakville, Oakville ON

Zerona is known as the best non-invasive treatment to combat obesity

Trusted Sources, Trust ZERONA®

When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. However, that is not the case when it comes to ZERONA® Technology and Science. From Dr. Oz and Rachel Ray, to some of the leading health and wellness magazines and television shows, check out what leading media outlets saying about us.

Are you a suitable candidate for treatment?

Zerona Oakville offers free consultations to determine just that! Come on in and together we can assess your lifestyle habits, review your medical history, set your fat loss goals and develop a customized stagey for success!

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Watch Dr. Oz speaking about the benefits of ZERONA®

“The miracle procedure to fight fat.”
-Dr. Oz

“…you cannot argue with results. Inches are inches, and the ZERONA® removes inches on the ‘test’ case we did for The Doctors”
-The Doctors

“The holy grail of fat loss…absolutely amazing.”
-Rachel Ray Show

“No self destruction required…fat cells would remain intact, merely getting opened and drained…and I lost! It worked: 9.5 inches overall.”
-Self Magazine – Beauty Director

“No incision. No anesthesia…it’s lipo without surgery.”

“With this new clearance from the FDA, doctors for the first time can say outright that it melts fat.”
-Allure Magazine

“The electron microscopy confirmed that 99 per cent of the contents of the fat cells were released. No other tissue was affected.
-Fitness RX

“This is cutting edge technology. There is no pain or no heat. You’re looking at all over body loss.”